unnamedIntroducing London based singer-songwriter, Mark Mathews and his soulful music. Mark sent me his track “Dying To Stay Alive”, what I loved about this track was its simplicity and how beautifully Mark’s voice delivers the song in a bed of acoustic strumming. My favourite part, however, when the percussion unexpectedly comes in and adds gorgeous colours to the track enhancing it even more. The live and rustic vibes of this track can give anyone goosebumps and for a second I felt as if I was actually listening to Mark sing live at a show.

While listening to Mark’s music, I could not help but think of a band I used to love as a kid – The All American Rejects. The track made me reminisce about my teenage years, probably this is why I instantly latched onto it and liked it even more.┬áMark pledges to release a new track on the last Friday of every month with his project #NewMusicEveryMonth, a true example of consistency and hard work.

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