Tribal Love – Rivita (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Dancing About Architecture

9Take a female singer/songwriter/producer from Delhi in India, give her a musical education from London and drop her into the boiling pot of influences of a city like, oh I don’t know… New York, and it would be pretty interesting to hear what she came up with, well Rivita is that woman and her new five track EP is currently being played into my ears.

I like to leave an album on loop when I’m going to review it and this album benefits from such a method because the depth within the production only really reveals itself through repeat listening and shows that this EP wasn’t cobbled together with little thought or planning, it knows what it wants to do and sets up the listener early with the opening track, ‘Galaxy’ (coming in at barely a minute in length), boldly stating “I speak the truth, and nothing but the truth”.

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Glam Skanks – Bad Bitch


A couple of days back I received a dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll in my inbox, damn I clicked on the link and I was singing along within a couple of seconds. Glam Skanks are an all girl  American glam rock band hailing from Hollywood. I was impressed with their new single “Bad Bitch”, more than anything I loved the attitude on lead vocals. The the song is fun and you would want to listen again and again.


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Pavey Ark – Hidden Hills

pavey-ark-promo-1.jpgAs much as I love Electronic music,  I am an absolutely sucker for acoustic vibes. When Dan from Saint In The City PR sent me Hidden Hills by Pavey Ark, I was sold. The video is filmed in gorgeous forest-like natural surroundings. Talking about the song, what I loved the most was the beautiful violin melodies. The musicians on this track had much to offer – from the drums to the guitar to the vocals. A must listen to accompany one on a breezy summer afternoon.


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Down an English Lane – Paul Tornbohm


Recorded with a beautiful vintage vibe, Down an English Lane is the debut album from British artist Paul Tornbohm. A very delightful and nostalgic album, makes me wanna visit a small village in England and just walk around and chill for a couple of days, truly represents an English experience.



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